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One-OneThousand is a creative studio in Madison Wisconsin for handcrafted artists, makers, designers and hobbyists to hone their skills, sell their goods and learn how to build a business. We're making what we love. Join us. 


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Studio space designed for makers & creatives. 

Because working alongside other creatives is empowering, inspiring, compounding, growth-inducing, uplifting, i.e. so-needed - we've built out a home base for makers and creatives to work hard, collaborate, connect and grow in. Equipped with all the basics you need to run a product-based business as well as creature comforts to make it feel like home. Learn more >

"The One-OneThousand community is amazing. The space is gorgeous but the people involved are what really makes it special. Take time to explore your creativity with OxO, you won't regret it."

— Meghan Wollack


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