Community of Makers and Artists 

It’s a workbench we can sew, carve, build and create at. And a kitchen table we can gather around. One-OneThousand’s a place where handmade artists, designers, craftsmen and hobbyists can hone their skills in studio spaces, sell their goods in pop-up stores, even learn how to build a business. It’s a place for stories about people making beautiful, practical things—and making mistakes along the way. Find workshops, shopping, tools and supplies, creativity, community, time.

Our vision is to build a community around handcrafted goods and the people who make them in Madison, Wisconsin and connect those makers to the movement happening all over the world. We’re making what we love and we’re making each other and our community stronger along the way. We believe the process of making things by hand is empowering – by exploring a skilled craft, people can learn their capabilities, gain a sense of independence and challenge the status quo. We believe keeping handcrafted artisans in our city makes the city stronger, is essential to building local economy and makes our city a place worth living - staying in - visiting - moving to. 

our creative studio and workshops in Madison WI

Our creative studio is a 4800 square ft industrial building nestled in a residential neighborhood on the creative near east side of Madison, Wisconsin. Featuring a workshop, private unit rentals, a gathering area, showcase and event space, it’s our home base to connect, collaborate, make and grow together. 

 Sarah Artz - Founder of One-OneThousand


Sarah Artz: marketer, maker, connector, seeker. I help creatives see what’s possible and build better businesses. I have a weakness for IPAs + pitties + whiteboards + killer vintage dresses. If left unsupervised, I could quite possibly tear apart an entire living room set and reupholster it in a wild handcrafted fabric.

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