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Thank you for wanting to join as a Club Member of One-OneThousand. Membership at this level is approval based and filling out this application does not guarantee acceptance into One-OneThousand membership. We want this community to be a diverse and curated group of products, perspectives, genres and aesthetics so we’ll review your application based on the following criteria:

  • Stage of business
  • Quality of product and craftsmanship
  • Online presence
  • Commitment to being engaged and active in building this community
  • Current mix of genres represented

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and can take up to one week to review. We’ll notify you whether or not your application is accepted and payment will be due upon approval. Your membership will begin once application is approved and payment is completed.

*No refunds will be given for a partial month. Must notify in advance that you're canceling so we can take you out of the reoccurring payment system. Members must abide by the Member Code of Conduct or may be asked to leave. Read entire Member Agreement for details.


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