Co-working Studio Space for Rent in Madison WI

Our creative studio is a 4800 square ft industrial building nestled in a residential neighborhood on the creative near east side of Madison, Wisconsin. Featuring a workshop, private units, a gathering area, and retail shop, it’s our home base to connect, collaborate, make and grow together. 

We know having the space to make your products and run your business can be tricky. It's got to be one part functional, another part inspirational and the right balance of working alongside colleagues and doing your own thing. 

for professional product designers & makers

Our space is designed for professional makers of home and lifestyle goods – makers of items like clothing, furniture, handbags, screen prints, kitchen wares, jewelry, etc. Professional means you make part or full-time income from your work. Other creative genres fit into this picture if your work translates into products and we’ll take artist applications on a case by case basis. We’re curating renters based on the stage of your business, a healthy mix of genres represented and what you bring to the community. 


the workshop

The workshop is where we design, create and make our products and run our businesses. We have tables and sinks and some specialty equipment like full process screen printing, fabric yardage printing table, hand tools, industrial sewing machine and a serger as well as a stove, small product photography area and packaging area.  


private unit rentals

We offer 15 private unit rentals for professional makers who need a dedicated space to do their work and run their businesses. Units are approximately 10′ x 10’ and feature a lockable sliding door, open ceilings, and an electrical outlet. Rent is $395/mo with a 6 month lease. It includes 24-hour access, wireless, utilities, and usage of the communal areas.


Apply now

Thank you for wanting to join the studio at One-OneThousand. Studio membership is approval based and filling out this application does not guarantee acceptance into One-OneThousand membership.

We’ll contact you within 5 business days of your application. If we have availability and it seems like a good fit, we'll follow up to schedule a tour. 

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